Friday, April 21, 2017

final Drummer prototype and Sulky Printable Sticky Fabri-Solvy is now called Stick 'n Stitch

This No. 9 Drummer prototype is pretty tight. Just a few minor changes are needed. I hope you like him! This sample is in the same Benzie color bundle as French Hen. I'll be sewing up new samples with the final changes in place and then writing the pattern. (Read more about this series here.)

And speaking of the pattern, you know that Sulky Printable Sticky Fabri-Solvy is an integral part of sewing the ornaments in this series. I've posted about its many virtues and also the warning about the batch that is faulty. I wanted you to know that it has been re-branded with a new name but it's the same great product as before. If you want to avoid the bad adhesive you should be safe if you purchase new packs that look like this, with the new name: Sulky Printable Stick 'n Stitch.


  1. Your drummer looks fabulous! He makes me smile. 😊

  2. I just love the drummer and this series! You are so talented. Can't wait to add him to the collection.

  3. Oh wow! He looks so detailed. I better get started on my set or I won't have anyready for Christmas.

  4. he's a masterpiece, thank you!!!!
    and thanks for the stick n stitch heads up.

  5. Fantastic - I think you've really outdone yourself!

    (At the back of my mind I'm thankful your brilliant instructions taught me how to do French knots properly. Plus I'm glad my kids are old enough and I'll get to use tooth picks to make the cutest drumsticks. And that mustache is magnificent. Love the color combo..........).

  6. He's terrific! Can't wait till the pattern comes out!


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